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16 May, 2021: "Come To The Table" SHAVUOT -LIVE BROADCAST!!

Updated: May 16, 2021

Make sure to READ this post through, till THE VERY END!! There's a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end!! :)

We are so excited about #GalileeAwakening V - "COME TO THE TABLE" broadcast!!!

The Invitation will broadcast on SHAVUOT, SUNDAY MAY 16th at 19:19 Israel Time ( 7:19pm)

You can sign up on RADIANT ISRAEL'S Facebook page or on their website:

This has been completely divinely orchestrated from the beginning. The Lord has special plans for this MOED - FEAST OF ADONAI. We are believing for a rushing wind of the RUACH HA'KODESH'S (Holy Spirit's) Presence. We are praying for a baptism of fire!!

We’re looking forward to sharing with you what The LORD has put on our hearts.