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November 22nd, 2022: The Corner of the TALLIT

Each corner of the tallit is called "wings". Some English translations of the Bible use the word border. But in Hebrew the word is translated as wings, which is the place where the power of the promises of God is attached. So when Yeshua put on His tallit, He put on the four wings connected to the power and the promises of God.

A woman who had been bleeding for twelve years was healed in Luke 8:43­46 when she touched the hem (tzitzit) of Yeshua's tallit. She had come to Yeshua because she believed that He was the Messiah that Malachi 4:2 had prophesied about saying He “shall arise with healing in His wings” NKJV.

She was grabbing hold of all the 613 Laws (promises) of God which includes healing. She was reaching out for the Word of God that would make her totally whole.

The tallit itself is not powerful, it’s power is in what it represents. When we wrap ourselves in the tallit we place upon us the Word of God and all of His promises such as healing, provision, safety, etc.

So why would you not wear a tallit?